Where does compensatory time end and overtime begin?
What is the '101' on compensatory time?


Understanding Our Collective Agreements

Compensatory time is part of the IASS Local Arrangements Agreement as per the Letter of Agreement of September 30, 2001. The compensatory "work-off" hours clause was negotiated between the union and the school board to allow employees the opportunity to be paid for the Christmas break days (generally four days) which are not designated legal holidays. Regular full-time and regular part-time support staff employees are required to complete the compensatory time in order to be paid for these days. *

How is the compensatory time completed?

Support staff employees may fulfill their compensatory time requirement through one of the following ways:

  • work four (4) days of your (schedule) hours
  • work three (3) days of your (schedule) hours in addition to using one (1) of the annual PLA days **
  • use three (3) of your vacation days in addition to using one (1) of the annual PLA days (thereby choosing not to work any compensatory time in the school year ***)
  • take three (3) days unpaid in addition to using one (1) PLA day (thereby choosing not to work any compensatory time in the school year ***)

How is the employees' compensatory time approved?

Support staff employees must be offered the opportunity by the workplace principal / administrator to complete their designated number of compensatory hours within the school year.

At the beginning of each school year, a clear plan is agreed upon between the workplace principal / administrator and the employees as to how the compensatory hours will be completed without surpassing the required number of hours.

Compensatory time is accumulated at "straight time" - 1 for 1.

When does overtime apply?

If an employee goes beyond the designated number of compensatory hours with the pre-authorization of the workplace principal / administrator, he or she is entitled to the basic hourly rate increased by one half for all time worked in addition to the hours of the employee's regular work day. This is designated as overtime. (For more information on overtime refer to clause 8-3.00 of the Provincial Collective Agreement on this website: documents download section - Agreements).

In the case of overtime, employees have the choice to either be paid through payroll or add the overtime hours to their vacation at the end of the school year.

Note: Overtime does not apply to support staff holding a position in a daycare service, except after the closing time of the daycare service at the end of the day (clause 2-1.01 E) a) of the Provincial Collective Agreement.

* Chapter 10 employees are exempt from completing compensatory time and are not paid at the Christmas break.

** PLA (personal leave) days are explained on page 2 of the IASS Local Arrangements Agreement clause 5-1.01 h). Visit this IASS website: documents download section - Agreements - Local Agreement 2010-2015.

*** Written notice must be forwarded to Human Resources by the employee.

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