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The Independent Association of Support Staff (IASS) of the Lester B. Pearson School Board represents a diverse employee group comprised of administrative, technical and paratechnical personnel. The services provided by our members enable the elementary schools, high schools, daycares, adult and vocational centres, international centres and administrative offices to remain strong and vibrant.

The IASS negotiates both the Provincial and Local collective agreements that cover our members and fulfills a vital role on the Labour Relations, Professional Improvement, and Health and Safety Committees.

Elected by the members every two years, a committed Executive Committee works diligently in the protection of employee rights related to such areas as working conditions, fair treatment, security of employment, grievance support and defence, health and safety, and respect. Our workplaces throughout the school board are represented by Union Delegates, elected by their peers.

We have withstood many changes over the years since our founding in 1982 when the employees, of what was then the Lakeshore School Board, chose to become the first and largest independent union in the English education sector. An amalgamation of school boards in 1998 resulted in a vote from six employee union groups to have the Independent Association of Support Staff represent them as one within the newly-founded Lester B. Pearson School Board.

The Independent Association of Western Quebec joins us in the negotiating of one common collective agreement.

We are very proud of the service and attention that is given to each and every member we represent. Safeguarding and promoting economic, professional development and social interests, especially in the bargaining activities and enforcement of the collective agreements remains our priority.

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